A guide to the 5 most stylish, largest and best Lego city combinations

No matter your age, there’s a LEGO set which will inspire one to pore over the pages of the instruction manual to build a gorgeous creation that it is possible to play with or display in your home. The product line has gained popularity because of the challenging build projects that depict the town life. You can build modern structures, trains, airports, as well as train sets using hundreds of LEGO bricks.
LEGO City sets include several accessories which greatly increase the fun factor and playability of the models. Although all sets under this theme include comprehensive instructions for building the specific structures envisioned on the packaging, you can always reconstruct the versions to something that’s completely original. After done with your creative endeavors, you are able to combine them to build one enormous LEGO City collection. Here are the top City building sets to get your started on your brick-built city adventure:
This awesome set has 1,211 pieces, and was made to provide LEGO builders ages six to 12 with an immersive building experience. Collect the pieces to construct the two-story hotel which features a host of authentic details including a kiosk with seat, rooftop terrace, a skate ramp, and a museum building site. When built, the hotel measures 5 inches wide and more than 9 inches high. Six vehicles are also included in the collection: a ice cream tuk-tuk, a sports car, a crane with a lowering hook and transferring arm, a double-decker bus complete with chairs on the roof, a police motorbike, and an electric vehicle.
With a motorized engine and a crane wagon with rotating boom arm, children ages six to 12 can enjoy providing goods utilizing the Cargo Train set. There are 1,226 pieces in this set that children can put together to build the strong Cargo Train using a pantograph on the roof, and a driver’s cabin with a control panel. Included minifigures are four train workers, a crook, and a security officer. The full circular toy train track, which can be set up in various configurations, has a railroad switch using lever, 16 straight railings, and 16 curved rails.


This huge set is built using 1,277 bits of LEGO bricks. It’s recommended for children between the ages 8 and 12 who love participate in discoveries with the enormous Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter. The version has an eruption role that could be activated by pushing a lever.
As well as the helicopter that includes spinning rotors, lowering crane, and opening rear hatch, you’ve got eight minifigures including a female scientist, two volcano adventurers, a scientist, pilot, and a female and male volcano explorer. Accessory elements include a spade, camera, metal detector, and jackhammer could be saved at the back of the helicopter where there is a space for tools.
LEGO builders ages six and above can play the role of fire rescue heroes for this Downtown Fire Brigade set that includes 943 pieces. This construction toy group features authentic details like an expanding aerodynamic ladder, a fire hose using a’water jet’ function which may be activated by squeezing the bellows.
This 786-piece collection makes for a great play collection in addition to a display model because of its wealth of remarkable features. There is also a mobile lab unit which measures four inches high, and 8 inches long, and includes an opening door plus a radar dish. The Arctic Mobile Exploration Base collection comprises six minifigures: a driver, an arctic expedition chief, four arctic explorers, and a mammoth figure. There are also accessory components such as ice packs, a jackhammer, camera, saws, and two pairs of snowshoes.