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Being the 400th entry in the beloved Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series of sixth scale figures is a pretty huge deal, so it seems only apropos that the anniversary-numbered MMS 400 be something special. And while some fans are going to groan about the choice, others will rejoice: a new Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V die-cast figure is now up for order! Is this new version of the Suitcase Armor everything Iron Man fans were waiting for…? Let’s take a look…

Die-Cast Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 5 Figure 2017

While Hot Toys has produced dozens and dozens of 1/6 Iron Man MMS figures over the last few years, that wasn’t the case when they made one of their very first armors: the Mark V Iron Man Suitcase Armor from “Iron Man 2”.

As one of the most unique and popular armor permutations from the MCU movies, by the time many collectors got into the Hot Toys game, the Iron Man Mark V was already sold out and selling for extortionate prices on the aftermarket.

Hot Toys 2017 Iron Man Mark 5 Suitcase Armor Die-Cast Figure ChromeBut years later, Hot Toys has finally decided to release not a reissue of the sold-out armor–but a vastly improved, superior version of it!

Comparison of Original Hot Toys Mark V Iron Man and Die-Cast Iron Man Mark 5 FiguresWhile it was a really good figure for its time, the original Hot Toys Suitcase Armor wasn’t without flaws. The flat colors on the MMS weren’t quite bright enough–or metallic enough–to be screen-accurate, the articulation scheme was limited and the proportions were slightly off.

Back of Hot Toys MMS 400 Iron Man Mark V Die-Cast Sixth Scale Figure Hot Toys has come a long way since they released that figure, though, and it definitely shows when you compare the die-cast Mark V to the original! The metallic paint and chrome on the Die-Cast Iron Man Mark 5 Hot Toys figure looks incredible, with the silver looking worlds better than the “grey” look on the first edition.

Hot Toys MMS400 Iron Man Mark V ArticulationAnd not only is the new version of the Mk V sized correctly at 12.8″ tall, but it’s also better-articulated! Poses like this one here simply were not possible with the original Iron Man Mark V MMS figure, but look fantastic on this new version!

Hot Toys Whiplash vs Die-Cast Iron Man Mark V Suitcase ArmorNow that the new version of this armor has a much better range of flexibility, he poses a whole lot better with that Hot Toys Whiplash MMS figure released back in the day!

Iron Man Mark V Hot Toys Die-Cast Figure Holding Whiplash Arc ReactorPrice-wise, this die-cast armor is running a reasonable $344.99. Now, that price is definitely scary at a glance, but it’s actually less than the more recent die-cast Iron Man MMS figures have been selling for, and far less than the original, inferior MMS 145 figure sells for today.

I hesitate to call any $345 action figure a steal, but if you’ve been dying to add a Mark 5 to your sixth scale Hall of Armor, you’re not going to do any better than this.

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V Die-Cast Figure and Accessories

On the accessories front, Hot Toys is spoiling us again with everything we could reasonably ask for with this particular armor iteration.

We get a race track-themed display base (it would be nice if we’d get a Hot Toys Racetrack Tony Stark figure one of these years too!), along with a beautifully-painted armor suitcase, a variety of interchangeable hands and battle-damaged parts, a Whiplash ARC Reactor, a (not-yet-revealed) Robert Downey Jr. portrait Tony Stark head and more.

Battle-Damaged Iron Man Mark V Hot Toys FigureThe Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 5 Die-Cast MMS figure is now up for order, and is expected to be released in late 2017. There’s no exclusive edition this time out, but considering the amount of collectors I’ve heard demanding the 1/6 Mark V over the years, I expect this one to be among Hot Toys’ most popular pre-orders of the year.

Who out there has been waiting for a new Hot Toys Mark V Iron Man figure? Are you satisfied with the die-cast MMS that Hot Toys has unveiled for us now, or is MMS400 not as great as you had hoped for?

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