Club Chelsea is the Coolest Club in Town


The new line of Barbie dolls from Just Play are the perfect contenders to be any kid’s new BFF. The Club Chelsea doll is a unique, fashion forward tween bursting with personality.


Chelsea summer in her mind and sports watermelon-themed institutions. She wore a pink and white shiny top and miniature watermelon. In addition, her pink bunt skirt black, dazzling seed in the bottom green decoration. Look, she sports pink shoes and a pink scarf sequel and a little smile watermelon attached to it above it.

Chelsea have been thick, blonde reflex when she moves. Chelsea’s teammates can leave her hair braids, or let it all hang. Easier to maintain, if you stay braids, so depending on whether the child has a serious attitude in the play, braids may be the best choice.

In addition, large, blue eyes beautiful girl in the play to grab yourself a watermelon to eat. The gadget has a clear deal with the doll’s hand so that she can move while her favorite fruit. Chelsea’s legs and arms did not bend, but her head, arms and legs were completely spinning. While Chelsea could not bend his legs, sitting, she was wearing a girl’s type of impression, always busy, so she might not have any downtime.

Chelsea Club is the answer to every parent’s prayer. Now they can give their children his or her dream of a large-scale doll that does not break the bank. Not only dolls affordable size, but they also have accessories, so parents will not have to dig their wallet to let the children’s dolls wear ten.

14-inch dolls will also join two friends later this year. Like Chelsea, the two-line dolls also feature matching scarf-themed costumes, shoes, and an accessory. Chelsea club dolls are full of personality and features interesting accessories, while also leaving an affordable doll option, children and parents love.

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